Monday, January 23, 2012

The Morning After: Our Values, pt. 1

Week three in our new series at church has us talking about some of our Core Values. This is a list of things that describe what kind of church we think that we are. What are the things that we really care about? There are nine of them, but I dealt with four this week.

Core Value #1: Authority of Scripture
We recognize the Bible as the inspired, inerrant Word of God, the source of spiritual and moral authority and the basis of our teaching and preaching. This simply means that we are a church that doesn't just say we think the Bible is important and then move onto other things. We are, hopefully, a church that makes sure we use the Bible as our authority (2 Timothy 3:14--4:4)

Core Value #2: Evangelism
We resolve to pursue outreach opportunities locally and throughout the world to present the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Gospel. As a Christian, why are we here? It has been well publicized in Christian circles that there is only one thing we can do here that we will not be doing in heaven. That is evangelism. When we are saved, we become His ambassadors.

God could save everyone He wants to save by any means we could imagine, and probably some ways we couldn't imagine. But the system God has designed to bring people to saving faith is for His people to consistently and faithfully spread the message of Jesus Christ and His gospel. And our response? We spend five years getting to know people, hanging out with them, never bringing up the name of Jesus, the cross, sin, or salvation--all the while claiming we are working on friendship evangelism. Don't get me wrong, I believe in friendship evangelism. But it cannot be an excuse for never opening our mouth to declare truth into someones life.

Core Value #3: Worship
We will individually and corporately celebrate our love for God with praise to Him for our salvation and for the blessings involved in our daily life. Worship is more than music; it is a lifestyle. All Christians are called to be worshippers. Worship is all day, every day. Everyday this week, every person will face a choice to worship God or worship their idols. And since we are committed to worshipping, and helping others worship God, we will call people to repent of their idols.

Core Value #4: Stewardship
We believe that God is the provider of all we have and that He has entrusted it to us by His grace and we are required to be good stewards by honoring Him from the blessings from Him. Everything that we have is owned by God. We are simply His stewards. That means, our money and possessions should better be viewed through the lens of a steward, not as an owner. The owner will ask questions like, "how much of my money am I going to give back to  God?" The steward asks questions like, "How much of God's money do I really need?"

Last night, I met with a group of people from our church. As we talked about these four topics, the main one discussed was evangelism. What do you think? Which one would you talk about in a group of people? Which one do you think are most difficult for you to fully grasp and live?

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  1. Pastor Thad - I really enjoyed the blogs last three days of stuff. Awseome and solid. Thank You for your labor and laying a sure foundation.
    Wayne B.


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