Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 2012 Bible Reading Plan

Last week, I posted a brief summary of the different blogs talking about Bible reading plans. I thought I would briefly share what I have chosen to do this year. I am using a modified version of all those I have found. I will be reading 4 chapters out of the OT and 2 chapters out of the NT every day.

There are 929 chapters in the OT, which means, I will make my way through the OT 1.5 times. There are 260 chapters in the NT, which means, I will make my way through the NT almost 3 times. I hope that this plan this year helps me stay engaged and reading and learning the Bible. Of course, in the position I am in, this will all be in addition to the study of several passages and books throughout the year.

One twist on this plan is the family element. I am asking my boys to be reading the NT part of the plan with me at the beginning. My plan then is to reserve every Tuesday night at dinner to talk about the reading as a family. I hope that this will help us as a family engage the Scriptures.

What plan are you doing? Does your family talk about it together?


  1. I read 8 chapters each day before going to work M-F. This gets me through the Bible almost 2 times each year. I mark the date at the beginning of each book of my reading Bible. I am on the 19th trip thru.


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