Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Philippians by Matt Chandler

I have grown to really appreciate the teaching ministry of Matt Chandler. A couple years ago, an organization called The Hub put out a 12-week teaching series by Chandler on the book of Philippians. I purchased it back when it came out, looking for an opportunity to watch it myself or maybe to use it for a small group.

One caveat: I really am not a huge fan of DVD curriculum for small groups. If I have the time to invest into a group, I like to do it myself. Draw the people out. Make them think and engage in them instead of having them sit and listen to a preacher for 30 minutes and then discussing.

But this is a GREAT alternative. At the end of September, I began to meet with our college and young adults on Monday nights. They wanted some sort of Bible study. I really did not have the time to invest in another study, so I thought this would be a great place to try out this series by Matt Chandler on Philippians. And they have loved it. And I have greatly enjoyed it.

His preaching style is unique and lively. He is engaging, yet very helpful. This is a 12-session study, with each one being about 30 minutes long. Obviously, he does not have time to go into depth on all the book of Philippians. That means, you will find that he jumps over some huge portions of the book, maybe the ones that you would like to hear him discuss. But what he does camp on is really challenging for your life.

One other thing. It comes with a study guide that we have not really known what to do with. It is a bit confusing as to what role the study guide should play each week. There are questions that are meant to be answered after each session and we do it together as a group. I think there are very few that go home afterward and actually fill in the book themselves. I would recommend that the leader have the study guide in order to help with some questions after the study. But honestly, I think a group could get just as much out of it without purchasing it for each participant.

Over all, I love it. I have grown personally through it. Below is a preview of the study. Who knows, maybe it will lead you to buy it as well.

Philippians Trailer from The Hub on Vimeo.

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