Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Daddy Valentine

I love my wife. We are now knocking on the door of being married for 14 years (May 30th, in case your interested). And every year for Valentine's day, I want my wife to know that she is appreciated and loved.

But there is another little girl in my life that I just can't help but to show love on a day like this. It is my daughter, Anni. It has been our tradition to go on a date on or around Valentines Day. So, yesterday morning, I took her out for a little daddy date. A time with just me and her. We ate some muffins, drank some juice, and played some tic-tac-toe. But in reality, we were just with each other. I held her hand. I opened her door for her. I helped her across the snow piles. I want to show her that men should treat her with respect and kindness. But above all of that, I want her to know that I am the man in her life (at least for now). 

She is only six years old, but she gets what is going on in the world. I have made a conscious effort to start early with her, to tell her continually how much I love her. I remind her that she is my valentine and that I am her valentine. I remind her that I am the only boy in her life.

Just about every night, I get on my knees as she is laying down in bed and we pray. She wants mom to pray with her, but then most nights, she wants me to stay in and pray again with her. Just her and me. Last night, I prayed for her that God would grow her up into a woman who loves Jesus. I prayed that she would stay pure. I prayed that when she is older that God would bring a boy into her life that would love her even more than I do (I don't even know if that is possible). And I prayed that she would love Jesus more than me or any boy some day. As I finished praying, she just grabbed me and hugged me. She had that look in her eye that she was thankful and a little teary. 

Dads, today as you celebrate Valentine's Day with your wife, don't forget about your little girl. Don't forget that you are the man in her life. Set the standard very high for her. Love her and hug her. Play princesses with her (something my daughter would not want to do), or wrestle with her (something she would like to do). But above all, show her that you love her. And show her that there is someone that loves her even more than you do. Show her Jesus!

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