Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Glory of Real Books

This morning I was surfing around and read a blog post by Kevin DeYoung called "Why I Hope Real Books Never Die (And They Won't)." It so resonated with my heart that I had to share part of it and thought I wanted you to encourage all to read it. I especially appreciated this thought:
Old books are like old friends. They love to be revisited. They stick around to give advice. They remind you of days gone by. Books, like friends, hang around. And they prefer not to be invisible. I can't tell you how often I sit at my desk, push back my seat, and allow my eyes to drift around the room full of bookshelves. I'm not procrastinating, not exactly. I'm scanning the room to see my friends. Their covers job my memories. They remind me of what I learned once. More than that, they remind me of my life-where I was when I first read Lloyd-Jones on the couch, how I knelt by the bed with tears when I read Brothers, We Are Not Professionals, how my life was so different 15 years ago when I read my dad's copy of the Institutes as a college student. If all my books disappeared on to a microchip I might have less to lug around and I might be able to search my notes more easily, but I'd lost memory; I'd lose history; I'd lose a little bit of myself.
I can so relate! You might like to check out the entire article by clicking on the link above.

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