Saturday, February 4, 2012

Human Trafficking at the Super Bowl

Justin Holcomb, who is the author of Rid of My Disgrace, has written a very interesting, yet disturbing article that was posted on the Resurgence blog the other day called "Sex-Trafficking at the Super Bowl." I have to be honest, this is not something I have given much thought about. I guess, not many people do and that's the problem. Holcomb says,
"On February 5, 2012, over 100 million people will watch Super Bowl XLVI. Few of them will know about the horrific crimes that will be committed during and around the event in Indianapolis. 
The Super Bowl is the most-watched program on TV every year. But many people don't know about its dark underside: the Super Bowl, like other large sporting events, is a magnet for sex trafficking and child prostitution. It is possibly the largest sex trafficking event in the US. As more than 100,000 football fans descend on Indianapolis, sex traffickers and pimps will also arrive in droves to take advantage of the demand. 
Large sporting events like the Super Bowl are prime targets for sex traffickers because of the high demand generated by thousands of men pouring into an areas for a weekend of fun. The 2010 Super Bowl saw an estimated 10,000 sex workers brought into Miami. Despite efforts to crack down on sex trafficking at the 2011 Super Bowl in Dallas, there was still a tremendous number of women and children sexually exploited. in the past, attempted crackdowns by law enforcement have misfired by treating prostitutes as criminals to be locked up rather than victims to be rescued."
I would highly recommend you read the rest of the article, particularly where he suggests things we can do to fight against this sort of thing. As I read that and as I am writing this, I am finding it easy to be heartbroken. But easy to move onto other things. For some reason, that just doesn't sit well with me. I just can't help but think of my daughter and what I would want someone to do for her if she was exploited like that. 

I think we have to do something . . . don't you?


  1. Yes - we should do something.
    "When religion is in a state of quiet and prosperity...the soldiers of the church militant will then tend to forget they are at war. Their ardor slackens and their zeal languishes." - William Wilberforce

  2. Yes, my heart is sick reading just the blurb you posted.


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