Friday, February 24, 2012

Ray Comfort Takes On Dr. Carole Lieberman

I would be willing to guess that when Ray Comfort received an invitation to come on Dr. Carole's Couch, a radio program with Dr. Carole Lieberman, he knew it would be very interesting. And it is. The first 15 minutes or so make for some good radio. Ray Comfort is asked to talk about Adolf Hitler and his new book, Hitler, God, and the Bible. But for some reason, Dr. Carole thinks this book is only about Hitler's life. And so when Comfort brings up God and the Bible, she takes offense. Check it out.


  1. Dr. Carole needs to believe her own scripture and apply them not only to herself but to everyone who has breath. For there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end of that is the way of death. God intervened in our human history, took on himself the form of man and went to a cross to die for sinful man, raising from the dead. Jesus is the messiah that the jews have longed for. I pray that dr. Carole one day soon and you listening to this broadcast would see your sin in the mirror of gods 10 commandments, repent and believe the gospel.

  2. Thanks for posting this broadcast

  3. God truely opened a door to speak to many people through Ray even to a cultural Jew like Dr. Lieberman. Clearly Ray is one of the very best Christian appologists of our times. Through him the Holy Spirit speaks truth from the heart by asking people the right questions. You can see how much Satan controls societies "world view" in that most people by comparing themselves to other fallen beings mistakenly believe that we are basicly good. The Swiss reformers had it right when they start their acronym TULIP with "T" for the total depravity of mankind. It is only the presence of the Holy Spirit in the world and believers that this planet hasn't already become a living hell. I agree with Randy Stonehill "Stop the world" (I want to get off) If it wasn't so true I would be laughing instead of crying.

  4. She is so insecure ... so afraid of the truth. Way to go Ray ... preach the Gospel ... Like in the garden, she knows more than God, and refuses to admit her heart is deceitfully wicked, as it says in the scriptures. Does she even know the 10 commandments? I have never heard anyone squirm and whine like she does. She is very closed minded and intolerant. She won't let him quote HER own scriptures. Why doesn't she know her own Bible? She certainly knows the atheistic and humanistic mantras.

    Too funny. Ray, you rock!


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