Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ten Reasons To Come For Vision Sunday

This post is primarily for those who come to Cornerstone Bible Church or that live near us and would like to visit us. This coming Sunday, February 12th, will be our Vision Sunday. I have been asked since the time I arrived here a year ago, what my vision is for CBC. I have been very clear that I want it to be our vision, not just mine. After meeting with the elders and taking time with many of you, I have some grand ideas of what we could do in the next five years. I want to share them with you on Sunday morning at 10:15 AM. I hope you are there. No, let me be very clear. I really hope that you are there. I understand that some of you will be traveling or out of town. If that is the case, I would highly encourage you to listen to it online next week. But if you are just going to sleep in and eat your cereal at 10:00 am in your pajamas, let me do please persuade you to get dressed and come to church. I want to do this by giving you Ten Reasons To Come For Vision Sunday.

#10 - There's no snow to keep you inside. Or should I say, there is no snow to busy yourself with outdoor sports. By the way, I was told that it snowed in NE Ohio in the winter. What's the deal?

#9 - We are having pizza after the service. Okay, so maybe a very earthly draw. But it is free. And we will include salad & cookies.

#8 - I might cast part of the vision in a rap or song. You will never know if you are not there because if it actually happens, I will make sure that the recording is cut off for that portion. I promise.

#7 - It is Sunday and your mom told you to go to church on Sundays. I know what you are saying, "But Thad, you hate religion." I know. Don't come to church only because you are supposed to, but because you want to. But at least on this Sunday, listen to your momma.

#6 - To be informed so you can ask good questions. After the pizza, we will be having our annual meeting where we would love for you to ask questions of the leadership of our church. Being at Vision Sunday will help you ask informed questions.

#5 - To be encouraged at God's faithfulness this past year. We have made the annual report available online and will be passing out hard copies on Sunday. In color. On paper. And it is filled with great reports of what God has done in and through us this past year.

#4 - To get a free book. We still have a few copies of What is A Healthy Church Member by Mark Dever that we want to give away. Pick up your free copy this Sunday.

#3 - You want to see your area reached with the message of Jesus. Since you love Jesus, you love His church. And you love the local church. And you love Central Geauga County. And you want to hear how we are going to reach our county and the world for Christ in the coming years.

#2 - I might even wear a tie. Yes, that is right, I might wear a tie. No pictures will be allowed, but I might actually wear a tie. Even writing that seems awkward and weird.

#1 - The Vision involves YOU. You are crucial to everything we will be talking about on Sunday morning. You are so valuable and important to God and us. We want to help you see how you can be involved in the change of people's lives in our area.

I hope that church is packed this Sunday! I hope to see you all there.


  1. 2 Thoughts:

    1.) There is no mention of free coffee...

    2.) Seeing you in a tie is, by itself, worth showing up for.

    A loving fan,

  2. Maintain your integrity...why ruin your reputation with a tie :o)

  3. I really now feel conflicted about the tie option....

  4. The integrity comment was from me - Wayne. Just kidding - wear whatever you want! :o)


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