Sunday, February 19, 2012

Video Sunday: John MacArthur Rebukes Joel Osteen

This is classic John MacArthur! After watching this, I think I get what he thinks about Joel Osteen. Don't you? Any questions?


  1. You know what's sad here? MacArthur could have easily made his points without the jokes and snarky comments, stooping to immature behavior. I would have more respect for someone who can make their point without ridiculing another person. Perhaps MacArthur should spend his free time praying for Mr. Osteen, and others like him.

  2. Lisa,

    Thank you for your comments.

    What I think he is trying to point out that Joel Osteen is a false teacher. The Scriptures are clear that to those that do not teach the truth, are to exposed. Rebuked. Rejected. That we are to warn the church against such teaching. Joel Osteen is dangerous and he is trying to warn his people about him.

    1. so u mean u agreeing of what john macarthur had said about Joel Osteen. The bible say you shall know the tree by his fruits. well if Joel is not a good fruits actually he gain more fruits to share the word of God to the people who don't know Jesus in their life. Anyway John Macarthur should not use the pulpit to criticise someone but to preach the good news of Jesus with hope to the world. What can u expect to the congregations if the pastor preach with criticism! John Macarthur is not edifying the church. You dont know John Macarthur heart when he said that word against Joel...what his motive.

  3. There are more people for Joel Osteen than are against him. What i love about Joel is that in spite of all the criticisms he has faced from within the body of Christ.. he continues to preach hope to the lives of people. MacArthur will never have the level of success that Joel has, because he cannot be trusted with that level of greatness. He has no class, no Christ, and no christian courtesy. If he had a problem with Joel Osteen, he could have been man enough to sit with him and reason together..

  4. The truth is always very bitter John MacArthur has said the truth.


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