Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interesting & Helpful Articles

I thought I would link to a few articles I have read the past couple days that I have found helpful in some way. I hope there is something in there that you find helpful as well.

I was particularly struck that almost 85% of people who read the Bible have more than one copy of it. I couldn't help but think of those people who do not have one or have never heard about the Bible.

Aaron Armstrong gives some very helpful bullet point advice on what we can do to help those who are in poverty.

This is a great quote by Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the issue of justification. It just might be my favorite doctrine in the Scriptures.

Eric Raymond offers three reasons why questions should be allowed, no encouraged, in a church.

If you are married, this might be a good idea.

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  1. Awesome!!!
    The Biblical Doctrine of Justification.
    If that doesn't make you jump and shout and praise and thank God - nothing will!!! Wayne


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