Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Proverbs by Pastor Mark Driscoll

I have been meeting with our college students every Monday night for the past several months. We get together for a little prayer and Bible study at the home of two of our young adults (well, not their home, but their parents home). Because of my time schedule, I am not able to come up with something new each week. So, I have been using different curriculum with them. We went through Matt Chandler's series on Philippians. We went through a short series by John Piper called Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ. And now we are watching and talking about a series on the book of Proverbs by Pastor Mark Driscoll.

It is an 8-week teaching series that he did for a midweek service at their church in 2009. It is theological, but very practical. I know that Driscoll can be very controversial on some levels, but this series has been very helpful so far. He is very insightful on life, wisdom, and the book of Proverbs. We are currently only through four weeks of the series, but all of the college students are learning from this study. The study questions that he gives at the end of every session creates for some helpful discussion. Here are the topics that he deals with in this study: Fear, Heart, Wisdom, Planning, Friendship, Wealth, Addictions, and Marriage. If you are looking for a short series to watch and listen to on the book of Proverbs, I would recommend this so far. It is free. You can watch them all on-line at the Mars Hill website

Proverbs on Planning
Let me share some of the insights that I took from the lesson we watched last night on planning as it was extremely helpful. He began by giving several principles that are taught in Proverbs in regards to planning. He said that we are commanded not to plan evil (5:29; 6:16-18; 24:8). But we are to plan our lives through prayer (16:3). We should plan with counsel (15:22; 20:18). He made the point that if we are making any larger decisions in our lives, we should get away and pray about it, but that we should also seek help in making that decision. But then he said the plan has to be worked out. We cannot just let the plan for our life sit on paper (21:5). Lastly, he made the point that sometimes the plan has to be altered (16:9; 19:21). That is probably the hardest for me. 

The bulk of the message was practical steps on how to become more organized in your life. If you are disorganized, that might be a great one for you to watch. After all, we are all stewards of not only our money, but also our time. Planning can help you become a better steward of your time. One of the questions he ended with is very convicting and helpful for all of us to answer: What energy wasters do you need to get rid of? That might be a good question to give some thought to today. What robs your time, preventing you from getting done what you desire to get done?

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