Thursday, April 19, 2012

Praying For The Nations

One of the applications I have made from David Platt's sermon at T4G is to enlist to pray for the nations of the world. In that sermon, he mentioned Operation World. I remember reading through this book when I was at Moody Bible Institute for a world missions class. I do not have the book any longer. I might have sold it or lost it at some point, which is interesting, because I do not lose or sell books. But for some reason, I was not driven to take the prayer for the evangelization of the world seriously.

But I am now. Yesterday I went to the Operation World website and signed up for a 60 Day Prayer Experience. Every day they will send out an email with some basic information about some country of the world that will spur you on to pray for that nation. This morning, I received the first one. I was blown away. This is what I received this morning:

60 Day Prayer Challenge Day 1 - Today's prayer country is Afghanistan:
    Population: 29,117,489
    Largest religion: Muslim
    Percent Evangelical: 0.0%
For prayer information on Afghanistan, visit the Operation World website and remember to:
    Pray for the specific country needs: The upheaval of the last 30 years reduced the country to ruin and... READ MORE
    Click on the ‘unreached peoples’ of that country and pray
    Watch and engage with the prayer video
    Find even more fuel for prayer for Afghanistan on page 89 of the Operation World Book, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or eBook

As Mark 11:17 says: ‘Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’? Let’s continue to make the global house of God a house of prayer for all nations.


All of the blue letters are links in the email that can take you to more information about the country of Afghanistan (they are disabled in this blog post). I was blown away that there is literally 0% Evangelicals. This is a barren wasteland for the gospel. We need to pray for the gospel to go into this country.

Let me encourage you to take the 60 Day Prayer Experience as well. I have yet to purchase the book once again, but I think it is coming very soon as well. Check out this short video they have put together that will hopefully motivate you to pray for the nations.

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