Friday, April 20, 2012

T4G 2012 - Final Thoughts

I have been home from T4G for a few days now. It was a great conference, maybe the best I have ever attended. On the drive home, I made a conscious decision to wait a few days before writing about my final thoughts on the conference. I wanted the messages I heard to sink in to my soul. I wanted to stew on them for a while. But I do want to continue to take action. I want them to impact my heart and soul, but also my life. I want them to change me. I want to be like the wise man who built his life upon the rock. I want to be the doer of the word, not the hearer only.

In my book, I wrote that it is good to think of one thing to take away from every message. It becomes easy to be overwhelmed at preaching when you think you have to apply everything in the message. Just try to apply one thing. That is even more true when you think about hearing nine 1-hour long messages in three days. But after spending some time reflecting on each sermon, here are the things I wanted to take away from each one (I have included the links to the video's of each sermon, please listen to them).

C. J. Mahaney's Message -- I memorized 2 Corinthians 4 a few years ago, but I want to reaffirm it to my memory. It is so easy for me to lose heart in my ministry from time to time. But I think that having this passage directly available in my memory will help me when those times come again.

Albert Mohler's Message -- I want to work harder in every message to articulate the gospel in clear words. That will start this Sunday.

Mark Dever's Message -- I want to be a better shepherd of the people at CBC. I want to never be afraid to call for those who are members (and everyone else) to live holy lives. If you claim the name of Jesus, there should be a difference in your life from those that are unbelievers.

Thabiti Anyabwile's Message -- Preach to open eyes, not just to transfer information. That means working harder on the application and illustrating the truths of God in my messages. Yet, as I do that, trust the gospel to change people not my gimmicks.

Kevin DeYoung's Message -- I need to work smarter, not longer hours. When I am in the office studying, I need to avoid time wasting things on the Internet.

David Platt's Message -- This is the one that impacted me in so many different ways, but let me just give one thing I have done in response to it. I have signed up for Operation World's 60 Day Prayer Experience that I hope will help me pray for the nations and have a heart for the nations.

Ligon Duncan's Message -- This one was more of a mindset. I need to be cautious with my heart, knowing that after successful ministry comes my greatest temptations. That means to stay busy on Mondays after Sundays.

Matt Chandler's Message -- Live my life with a view towards the eternal city. This should affect everything from my finances to how I converse with people.

John Piper's Message -- Reflect on why I am not more thankful, and then repent for my unthankfulness.

Those are just some of the things that impacted me at T4G 2012. I am glad I was there and hope to look back on those three days as life transforming.

How about you? Did you attend? Have you listened to the messages? How have they impacted you?

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