Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Few Blogs I Follow

Since I started blogging, I have come to a greater appreciation of the writings of others blogs. There are thousands out there. Probably millions. What I have come to realize is how much work it takes to write good things each day. I know what they do in order to produce some really thoughtful material. There are some blogs that I check out every day and then some that I check out a few times a week. I wanted to share some of the blogs that I read and maybe you should as well.

Tim is one of the foremost Christian bloggers. He has several updates a day that are thoughtful, encouraging, and insightful. Much of what I have learned about blogging has come from watching and reading his blog. Some of the best parts of his blog are his book reviews. In addition, I like the giveaways that he does every Friday. I probably shouldn't mention that since if you try to win, it will make my opportunity less. But you should check it out.

This is a blog dedicated to putting people in touch with helpful quotes, books, and resources concerning the Christian life and thought from, well, the old guys. They classify them as dead guys. Some of the men that they continue to quote from are Jonathan Edwards, Herman Bavinck, John Calvin, Martin Luther, John Owen, Charles Spurgeon, J.C. Ryle, Thomas Watson, and Jeremiah Burroughs. It is a blog that you might like to check out from time to time.

Rachelle Gardner
This is the blog of a literary agent, so it might not interest you. Since I have written a book and desire to write more books, I happen by this site a few times a week to see what is going on in the world of publications. There have been several things I have learned about the art of writing and publishing from her blog.

I could not include a list of blogs I follow without including my wife's blog. In September, 2010, she started reviewing all sorts of Christian literature in view of the gospel. She is not scared to take on some hot books on the market as well as digging into some Christian classics. Along with a friend, they are trying to create a place where parents can read a short review on books their kids are reading along with some talking points that will help bring the gospel out in their life.

There are so many other blogs that I read. Maybe I will share a few more in a later post.

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