Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Helpful Sermon by James MacDonald

At a lunch meeting this afternoon, a friend of mine told me I should watch the closing message of Harvest University 2012 by James MacDonald. There certainly have been some things in the past year that have been difficult for MacDonald, or at least, he has been the target of many bloggers. I have even written some things that questioned some of the decisions he has made in the past. But this sermon was extremely helpful to my soul. In it, he discusses:
  • 5 Things Your Pastor Wants You To Know, But Can't Tell You
  • 4 Things Good Elders Say Frequently
  • 3 Things A Church Needs From Its Pastors
  • 2 Good Ways to Process This Conference
  • The Single Most Important Thing in Your Church

As I watched this sermon this afternoon, I was greatly encouraged. If you have a pastor, you should watch this video. He gives some insights into the heart of your pastor. You will certainly want to listen to the first half of the sermon that is in the video below. The rest of the sermon can be found HERE.

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