Thursday, July 19, 2012

Anni Turns 7 Years Old

My little girl was born on July 19, 2005 in Hutchinson, Kansas. Today is her seventh birthday and we are currently on vacation in Hutchinson. Being here brings back many memories as to the first time I saw my little girl. Up to this time in our life, God had blessed Monique and I with two wonderful boys. I felt comfortable with boys. I felt I knew what to do with boys. What I didn't know was girls. That should be no surprise, but I was unsure about what to do with a girl. And yet God gave us this great treasure.

One of the immediate reactions I remember feeling was one of protection. I remember similar feelings towards my boys, but this one was different. I wanted to protect her in different ways than I wanted to protect the boys. I remember wanting to protect my boys from many things this world has to offer, but my feelings towards Anni went deeper and stronger. I felt a natural response to her to be her man.

I tell her that often. I tell her that I am her man. She knows that there are no other boys in her life to the degree of her father. She knows that she is not allowed to kiss any other boys than her father (brothers sometimes are the only other exception). She knows that dad is there to protect her. And what has amazed me is that there is a longing in her heart to be with her man. I can't help but think that this is a God-given desire to be led by a man.

The other day, I tweeted a picture of this shirt that we were thinking of getting Anni for her birthday. I love it in so many ways. And if you know Anni, it so fits her. She is really competitive and wants to win at everything. She wants to beat the boys in everything from T-Ball to just racing to the fence and back. And she does her share of beating the boys and winning by herself.

But as much as I love this shirt, I hate it. I do not want her to grow up being depending on boys to win. But I do not want her to ever think that she shouldn't be dependent upon at least one man. I never want her to think that she can't depend on her dad to help her. And, as much as this is going to bring joy and hurt at the same time, I do not want her to think that she can't count on her future husband some day. I want her to realize that, unless God's plan for her is singleness, He has someone for her to marry and submit to in this life.

I do not know who you are, but I assume there is some man out there that might read this someday. My goal in teaching my little girl to depend on me is so that she will depend on you. Don't blow it! Lead her with the love of Jesus. Make yourself dependable. I know that she is only seven years old today, but someday she is going to be a young lady looking to you to be her man. I want her to realize that she can depend on you.

But as much as she needs me. And as much as she is going to need you. She needs Jesus. He is going to be the only man that will never let her down. I will. You will. But He never will. That is one reason why I want to be like Jesus, because I want my life to be a window to Him. And I hope you will as well, whoever you are. Love her like Christ loved the church. I will teach her to submit to you as to the Lord. 

But until that day comes around, I will simply love her. I will take her on dates. I will continue to be her man pointing her to the Ultimate Man! 

Love you baby girl! I could not have asked God for a more unique and special little girl!

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