Friday, July 6, 2012

Christian & Culture

Eric Metaxas made some interesting points about the Christian and Culture on the radio program, Breakpoint, yesterday. 
"Here's a particularly egregious case in point: the recent campaign to remove a great movie, 'The Blind Side', from the shelves of LifeWay Christian Stores. Remember, 'The Blind Side' was denounced as Christian propaganda by many liberal critics. It explicitly depicts an affluent white Christian family devoting itself to helping an impoverished black kid because it's the Christian thing to do."
Why did LifeWay cave into the demands of a Florida pastor who started a campaign to have it removed? Check out the program to find the full answer. But it seems as if this pastor and others who backed this campaign has an isolationists view about culture. Metaxas says in summary:
"For outsiders looking in, the moral of the story is that 'there is no pleasing Christians. They always seem to be looking for something to be mad about.' We complain about the calumnies and caricatures of Christians on the big screen; and then, when an Academy-Award winning film shows us at our very best, we complain that scenes depicting harsh, inner-city reality are too true to life!"
You can read or listen to the entire program HERE

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