Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisy World by Michael Hyatt

In many ways, I despise the fact that Michael Hyatt needed to write Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisy World. It is no longer good enough for someone to be a good writer, speaker or musician. It is no longer good enough to simply have a good product. The product, or the producer of the product, must be lifted up so that it becomes noticed above all other products it is similar to in this world. That is just a reality. Because that is a reality, I am glad he wrote it. He says,
"The stage has never been more crowded--and simply being on it doesn't matter much if the lights are not shining on you, or if there is no one in the audience. This book is all about attracting that audience, turning on the brightest lights you can find, and building passionate loyalty so your audience stays with you through every line, every scene, every act. It's not about ego or being the center of attention. It is about having something of value to others and finding the most powerful way of getting that message to others who can benefit from it" (xv).
The book is composed of 60 short chapters that have been edited from blog posts. They are insightful and helpful. I initially picked up this book because of my blog and my desire to write more books in the future. But in the first section of the book, Start With Wow, I continually kept thinking about our church. I kept thinking about how new people to our church feel or think about what we are doing. I wondered how we are doing in welcoming them and making them feel special at being at our church. There are certainly some applications here that I will be working with our team to implement.

The parts of the book that were most helpful to me were those that mentioned the different software that he uses. Here is a list of the different technologies he uses that I plan on looking into in the near future:

  • Acorn - Imaging Software
  • Scribd - Online library to read & share documents and written words
  • Anti-Social - App that turns off Social networking sites for a period of time
  • Disqus - Blogging commenting system
  • Google alerts - Alert system to hear what's happening in the blog about your products

One other helpful distinction he makes has to do with the purpose of marketing. He says,
"Marketing is no longer about shouting in a crowded marketplace; it is about participating in a dialogue with fellow travelers. Marketing is no longer about generating transactions; it is about building relationships. Marketing is no longer about exploiting a market for your own benefit; it is about serving those who share your passion--for your mutual benefit" (127).
That is helpful. I want this to be about the benefit of others. I am not trying to sell anything for my betterment. I want to promote things that I believe will help others that I have been able to connect with through either my blog or social media.

While some of the things in the book seemed a bit over the top for me, I would have no problem recommending this book to those who are trying to build a platform on which to communicate something special. His dedication says it all:
"To all the authors, artists, and creatives I've met through the years who have been turned away because they didn't have a platform. This book is for you."

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