Thursday, August 23, 2012

Same-Sex Marriage: An Introduction

There may be no more important social issue in our culture today than same-sex marriage. At the root of the question as to whether two men or two women could be married is the issue of homosexuality. I have chosen to deal with this issue at my church over three Sundays in a combined Adult Sunday School class. At the conclusion of the series, I will post my notes in their entirety if you want them. But along the way, I thought I would offer some tidbits of what I am learning. 

My intent in studying this material is to provide as clearly and humbly as I can the Christian perspective on this issue. There are some who are going to dismiss what I am saying simply because they do not like my conclusions on this issue. What I hope as I write this series of blog posts is that I do not hate homosexuals. There is nothing that I will write over the next several weeks that flows from anything other than a heart longing for the best eternal motives for people.

The Christian needs to be crystal clear on this issue. If I would summarize my position on this issue, it would be like this:

The Christian Must Graciously, But Boldly Stand Against Same-Sex Marriage Because The Bible Explicitly and Repeatedly Says Any Sex Outside The Marriage Relationship Of One Man & One Woman Is Sinful.

At the beginning, let me express my indebtedness to Albert Mohler and his article "Homosexual Marriage as a Challenge to the Church: Biblical and Cultural Reflections" which is published in the book, Sex and the Supremacy of Christ. Above any other article I have read on this issue, it has helped frame my thoughts. I highly recommend you to read it. I have borrowed from much of his outline in that article for my series. But the content I have supplied inside of the outlines are my thoughts as I have studied and thought through the issues. 

Over the next several weeks, I am going to be blogging on each of my main six points. These are Six Fundamental Principles That Should Shape Our Conversations About Same-Sex Marriage. Here they are, this is what you have to look forward to in the next several weeks.
  1. We cannot talk about same-sex marriage by beginning with same-sex marriage.
  2. We cannot talk about anything meaningful without acknowledging our absolute dependence upon the Bible, God's full revelation to us.
  3. We cannot talk about sex without talking about marriage.
  4. We must develop an adequate explanation for the deadly deception of sexual sin.
  5. We must rejoice in Christ's victory and the power of the gospel over sin.
  6. We must tell the truth about same-sex marriage & refuse to accept its possibility because we love and seek the glory of God for all.
I will begin tomorrow with the first point. Until then . . .

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