Monday, September 17, 2012

The Morning After: The Role of the Children

I am in the middle of a teaching series on the family. I am trying to expose the lies that the current culture has placed on the different members of the family. I have already dealt with the WIFE and the HUSBAND. Yesterday, I talked to the children. 

I have often said that I would prefer speaking to a thousand adults than ten little children. I think I have a hard time keeping their attention. Whatever it is, I really worked hard on my sermon to direct it to the younger children of our church. And I think it was beneficial to them. There were four lies that I tried to uncover for them.

Lie #1: It Is Okay to Question Your Parents Authority
The Bible consistently says that the parent is the authority and the child is in subordination to them. I tried to show the negative impact of obedience by showing a short clip from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (you can watch it below). For children to obey their parents means that they receive instruction and then do it. The children are to obey without argument, without excuses, and without delay. Check out my notes for several illustrations on these points.

Lie #2: You Can Obey Your Parents, But You Don't Have To Like It.
Sometimes children think, I will obey them, but I'm not going to be happy about it. In addition to obedience, the Scriptures call children to honor or respect their parents. I showed another somewhat funny video at this point to instruct the children that parents do not want to make them obey (although, I did hear that one child thought the obedience chip was real). We desire, and I believe God desires, for children to respect and honor their parents.

Lie #3: Your Parents Are Here To Make Your Life Miserable.
While some parents do make their children's life miserable, that is not why they have been put here on earth. They are actually here to be God's representatives of His authority to them on this earth. When children are called to obey their parents, they are called to do it "as to the Lord." They are to obey their mom and dad as they would obey God. To obey your parents is to obey Jesus.

Lie #4: You Will Go To Heaven Because Your Parents Love Jesus.
This is a hard one for many kids to really grasp, particularly when they are young. But just because mom and dad love Jesus, it doesn't mean that they will go to heaven. They need to come to a point in their life when their faith is their own. It is not mom or dad's faith. It is their faith. They need to realize that Jesus dying on the cross is not just a cute Sunday School story. But that he had to die because they didn't take the garbage out like mom told them to. They are sinners, just as mom and dad are sinners, and they need Jesus just as bad. I hope they got the message. I continue to pray for them.

If you want to listen to the sermon, you can find it HERE (usually posted by Tuesday afternoon). Or if you want to read my notes, check them out HERE. And in case you are interested, I have attached the two videos I showed during the service yesterday.

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