Thursday, September 20, 2012

True Women '12

I gave my wife a kiss this morning at 4:30 am as she left with a few other ladies from our church to attend the True Women '12 Conference that begins later this afternoon. I am so glad that she has this opportunity to go to a conference like this. I am usually the one who goes away to learn at conferences. But not this time. If you have never heard of the True Woman Conference, here is a brief description of their purpose:
In our hearts and homes, in our churches and in our nation, we are at a crossroads. It is time to surrender our wrong-placed passions and seek the Lord in fresh brokenness, contrition, and earnestness. It is time to cry out to God to show us His glory . . . we need a widespread (and personal!) outpouring of His Spirit. 
Revive Our Hearts and the True Woman Movement were birthed out of a burden for authentic, Christ-centered awakening and revival. For ten years, this has been our mission. Now is the time for all of us to Seek Him Together . . . with our whole hearts! 
At True Woman '12, we will Seek Him Together for: 
  • Refreshed understanding of our design and mission as women.
  • Restored lives that reflect Christ's beauty and heart.
  • Renewed passion for passing God's Truth on to the next generation.
  • Revival: We need to urgently plead for God to pour out His Spirit on us and our land.
It is my prayer for my wife that they gospel will be applied to her life over the next couple of days. Even though I think she is a wonderful women, we all need to grow. I am so glad that she has this opportunity to grow. If you think about it today, would you pray for her? But would you also pray for the thousands of other women who will be traveling to Indianapolis, that they would be impacted with the gospel.

Live Streaming
If you are not going, they are going to live stream the event. All you have to do is to go HERE and fill out the form. This is the list of events scheduled (Easter Standard Time):
  • Thursday @ 6:45 pm -- Nancy Leigh DeMoss & Daniel Henderson
  • Friday @ 8:30 am -- Mary Kassian & Janet Parshall
  • Friday @ 1:30 pm -- Breakout Sessions (Find list HERE)
  • Friday @ 3:00 pm -- Breakout Sessions (Find list HERE)
  • Friday @ 6:45 pm -- Priscilla Shirer & Joni Erickson Tada
  • Saturday @ 8:30 am -- Janet Parshall & Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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