Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Birth-Day Fit For A Queen

Today is Monique's Birthday. In honor of this great day, I have written a short letter to her, but am making it public. There are subtle things in this letter that only Monique is going to appreciate. I am sharing it because I want everyone to think about one aspect of being a Godly Woman through the example of my wife. Enjoy!


Dear Monique,

I find it somewhat impossible to explain to everyone how much you mean to me or the kids. Today is your birthday. I know you know that. You probably even feel that you are one year older today. I have some great thoughts that have been rattling around in my head about what a birth-day fit for a queen might look like. If I could create the perfect day for you, I think it would be something like this:
The day would begin with no alarm clock. You wouldn't get up before everyone else in the family. You could just sleep in. No responsibilities. No getting up to fix lunches for the kids. Your day would begin with as much sleep as you desired. 
When you did wake up, you would find by your side a bell that you could ring so that at any moment, someone would come and serve you. Myself or the kids would bring you your breakfast. We would get you some hot tea. We would be there to serve and pamper you. You would have your (my) kindle by your side with a unlimited Amazon gift card waiting for you. You could search and download as many books as you like. 
After some time, you would get ready and I would take you shopping. You would call the shots. I would walk into as many women's clothing stores as you desired. We would spend countless hours shopping for what you want to shop for. I would get you as many new clothes as you desire. It would be your time to shop for yourself. 
Then we would go to a nice dinner. Your choice. Not Chipotle (even though its a great choice). But we would go some place that is really nice. Money doesn't matter. I know you would choose some nice choice piece of steak, as rare as they would serve it. We would even get dessert. Probably something that has dark chocolate in it. 
The evening would finish with you watching some movie that did not have guns in it. There might be some tears because of the great love story. But I would sit there on the couch with you joyfully to watch the movie with you.
Doesn't that sound fun? While many of these things sound intriguing, and we will do some of them on Friday, what I love about you this day is that these things are not what motivates you. I can truly say that I feel your great joy and desire to get up to pack lunches for the kids. You are the most selfless person I know. In many ways, October 3, 2012 will continue as most days. I must work. The kids need taken care of. I have an elders meeting tonight, which means you are sharing me with the church on your birthday. I love that you are okay with that. The kids are going in many directions tonight. One has soccer, the other baseball, in different locations. You are chauffeur tonight to your children. Amidst all this, at least my lunch meeting was cancelled so we can have lunch together (even though it is going to be at Dairy Queen because we have free meals there that have to be used by Friday).

Just the other day, Christianity Today came out with the 50 Women To Watch. There are some very powerful women on that list. Some that you appreciate. Supposedly, this list is of women who are "profoundly shaping the evangelical church and North American society." As I looked at this list, I found something really wrong. We tend to glorify those in powerful positions. May I suggest that what the evangelical church needs more of are women like you. Women who feel that John the Baptists words in John 3:30 actually mean something: "He must increase, but I must decrease."

Maybe the way the evangelical church is going to be profoundly shaped is from the bottom up, not the top down. Your life has been characterized by service. To me, you are what a godly Christian woman should be. I love you. I can't wait for lunch and our date time on Friday night.


Your Husband

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