Friday, October 19, 2012

Incredibly Talented People

Our family likes to watch talent reality shows. We like other reality shows like The Amazing Race, but there is something about watching talented people. We used to watch American Idol. We have seen The Voice several times. We have watched America's Got Talent. But these days, we regularly watch The X-Factor. There is no doubt that there are some acts that we fast forward. I simply do not want my kids watching some of the performers. In fact, I do not need to watch them.

And then there are other singers that become our favorites. This year, I think without a doubt, our favorite is Carly Rose Sonenclar. She is a 13 year old girl that is an incredibly talented young lady. The first time we watched her sing I became convinced that she might win this event.

You might not think this is a real "gospel" post. And it might not be compared to some others. But there is something about seeing the gifts that God has given people that move me to worship God. When I hear her sing, I think about how incredible and creative a God I serve. She might not know it, but her gifts are given by Him in order to worship Him. I can only hope that if she doesn't know Jesus, that someday someone will tell her. I pray that she doesn't get stuck in the seduction of Hollywood. There are some people that are good singers and then there are others who were created by God to sing. I think she falls into that later category. If you have not heard this little girl sing, you are missing out on an incredible talent.

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