Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What I'm Reading...From the Back Cover (Oct '12)

I am always reading a book or two (or three, etc...). I like to share from time to time, the books that I am making my way through. Here are the books on my "to read" list for the month of October and what they are about.

I hardly ever read fiction books, but for some reason I picked up this book.
"Gabriel Clarke is mysteriously drawn to The River, a ribbon of frothy white water carving its way through steep canyons high in the Colorado Rockies. The rushing waters beckon him to experience freedom and adventure. But something holds him back--the memory of the terrible event he witnessed on The River when he was just five years old--something no child should ever see. Chains of fear and resentment imprison Gabriel, keeping him from discovering the treasures of The River. He remains trapped, afraid to take hold of the life awaiting him. When he returns to The River after years away, his heart knows he is finally home. His destiny is within reach. Claiming that destiny will be the hardest--and bravest--thing he has ever done."

I have had this book for years. I have referenced it many times. But now I have a 12-year old son, who will soon be turning 13. This book is taking on a different dimension for me. It's time to read it in depth.
"Paul Tripp uncovers the heart issues affecting parents and their teenagers during the often chaotic adolescent years. With wit, wisdom, humility, and compassion, he shows parents how to seize the countless opportunities to deepen communication, learn, and grow with their teenagers."

Several months ago, I heard Alistair Begg recommend this book on preaching. I have wanted to read it ever since.
"This little book is written for ordinary ministers who preach regularly to ordinary people in ordinary places. Most of us preach in gatherings that are smaller than we would wish and tougher than we might have hoped when we entered pastoral ministry. There is a voice on our shoulders who whispers as we prepare, and then as we preach, 'Is it really worth it?' Christopher Ash writes to tell us that it is worth it. More than that, he sets out a charter for preaching that draws from the very roots of the Old Testament--showing us that nothing in the world is more worthwhile--for preaching is God's strategy to rebuild a broken world."
 What Books Are You Planning On Reading In The Month Of October?

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