Saturday, November 24, 2012

This Week in the Blogosphere (Nov 24, 2012)

Each week, there are hundreds upon thousands of blog posts written by people all over the world. I find myself each week reading several of them. I have taken the time to link to some of my favorite blog posts from around the blogosphere from the previous week. I hope maybe one or two of these will be an encouragement to you.

  • Hobby Lobby and Religious Liberty Under ObamaCare by Ben Domenech. I would guess that most people reading my blog will agree with the direction of Hobby Lobby. I hope you will pray for their future decisions. But as you can see from this article, the ones that lose will ultimately be the workers.
  • A Father's Fright of Twilight by Mark Driscoll. Some people have told me that some of this information about Twilight is inaccurate. I don't know because I have not seen any of the movies. But what I will say is that I never want to see them or to let my children see them. 

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