Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What Do You Want For Your Children

Just a few days ago, Adam Griffin posted an article on the Village Church blog on what it means to raise kids the world will hate. That's an interesting thought. Raising kids the world will hate. I know the temptation (and desire) for most parents, including myself, is to raise my children to be loved. I want to raise them to be safe. I want to raise them to have lots of friends. But to raise them with a view towards being hated by the world? That's a new one. That's a tough one. But I think it is a necessary one. Griffin says, 
"If you're like me and hope for your kids to be fully devoted followers of Christ, then we need to be raising up a generation who is ready to be distinctly different from their peers. In a lot of ways, that's the opposite of my natural inclination in how to raise my son. Raising kids who are ready to be hated means raising kids who unashamedly love God even in the face of loathing and alienation. Regardless if the insults of the world are naive or legitimate, I pray our children will be ready to stand firm in the midst of a world that hates them."
I would recommend that you read the entire article (HERE). And as you do, think about your goals for your children.

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