Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Les Miserables Radio Theatre

I was in my first year at Moody Bible Institute when a few of my friends convinced me that I should go see this musical called Les Miserables. I had no idea what this show was about, but I chose to do it anyways. It was incredible! I couldn't get enough. Since that time, I have seen the musical production of Les Miserables four times. And each time it gets better and better. I would pay to see it again tomorrow. Because of this, when I had the chance to review the Radio Theatre rendition of Les Miserables, I couldn't wait. It is about three hours of radio drama put on by Focus on the Family. And my honest feedback is that it was really good.

I do not plan on reviewing the story of Les Miserables here. It has been well documented that there are overtly Christian themes in this story. Those themes were obviously captured very well in this rendition. I want to talk as best as I can about what it was like to listen to the radio theatre of this story. 

I was a little surprised at first that there was no singing. I go back and forth as to whether I would have enjoyed it more if there was singing and not just acting. But as I listened more and more to it, the characters seemed real. The action was well portrayed. And the story line was very clear. Some of the events in this rendition was different from the musical. Since I have never read the book, I am going with the assumption that the difference between the musical and radio theatre is because they wanted to stick closer to the book.

After listening to it, I wouldn't be hesitant to listen to this with the family. There are parts of the musical production that are more than PG rated. But they seemed to get the message across well without making it over the top. I can picture our family listening to this on the next vacation we take (If I can get the kids to turn the movies off or the video games down). 

In the end, I would recommend it. I love the show probably more than this. But this is a good alternative to the Broadway production.

I received a copy of Les Miserables Radio Theatre from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for a review.

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