Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Trip to Thailand & Cambodia

I am leaving this morning for Thailand and Cambodia, a trip that will take me away from my family and church for the next two weeks. The reason for this trip is to visit Paul Bradley, a missionary supported by our church. Paul is the Division Director for Foreign Armed Forces Ministries with Cadence International. It is the goal of Cadence to mobilize armed forces to take the gospel to the world. Paul works with military and police in Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, India, and Bhutan. Their work with the foreign armed forces is to mobilize a multiplying discipleship movement among men and women, seeing officers reach out to fellow officers spreading the gospel.

While Paul does travel into some very remote portions of Burma, our trip will primarily be spent in Cambodia. He does tell me that this will be somewhat of an adventure. As I understand it, I will be teaching 11 times for 1.5 hours over the five days we are in Cambodia. I am excited. I normally relish being very busy while on trips like this. The more time to teach is the more time I have to maximize my gifts to the body of Christ universally. So, I am excited.

I will ask you to join with me on this trip. I am posting my itinerary below so that you could pray with me as I am traveling. You can know what I am doing and when. I would especially ask those at Cornerstone to keep tabs on what I am doing on this trip. I hope to be able to write some blog posts while I am there, but I do not know how the Internet situation will be. So be patient with me. 

My Itinerary:
  • Thursday, January 24th - Leave Cleveland Hopkins at 8am. Fly through Chicago then Soul, South Korea, then on to Thailand
  • Friday, January 25th - Arrive in Chiang Mai, Thailand at 10:40 pm (they are 12 hours ahead, which would mean this will be at 10:40 am Friday EST).
  • Saturday, January 26th - Recover from travel and spend time with their house church. In the evening, spend time at the night market
  • Sunday, January 27th - Fly from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and then taxi several hours into Poipet, Cambodia.
  • Monday, January 28th - We will be visiting a Minefield Village where they have planted a church and I will be teaching the Bible to many there (primarily women and children).
  • Tuesday, January 29th - I will be teaching among the Unit 14 group of military in Posat, Cambodia.
  • Wednesday, January 30th - Still teaching among the same unit.
  • Thursday, January 31st - I will be teaching among the Tanks/51 unit of the military in Sisophan, Cambodia.
  • Friday, February 1st - Still teaching among the same unit.
  • Saturday, February 2nd - We will be traveling to Siem Reap, Cambodia and visiting Angkor Wat.
  • Sunday, February 3rd - Traveling back to Bangkok, flying back to Chiang Mai.
  • Monday, February 4th - Ministry with Paul Bradley at his house and then leaving to travel back to US, late in the evening.
  • Tuesday, February 5th - Arrive back in Cleveland at 2:45 pm.

Prayer Concerns:
  • Pray for my travel itinerary above, that I would be rested and healthy on this trip. Especially since I have been in a house full of flue the past month, that I would not be susceptible to that sort of illness while on this trip.
  • Pray for a good time of encouragement with my friend, Brian Bailey, as we travel together (he is an old ministry friend who lives in Indianapolis).
  • Pray I would be an encouragement & not a burden to our supporting missionary, Paul Bradley.
  • Pray I would be able to teach the Bible clearly and effectively to the military and village people I come in contact with on this trip.
  • Pray for my translators on this trip, that the words I say would be easy to communicate into the different languages.
  • Pray for the gospel to be boldly proclaimed from my mouth and that there would be some who would come to Christ on this trip.
  • Pray for my picky taste buds, that I would be sensitive to the cultural implications of eating certain foods, but that I wouldn't get ill from it (I know some joke about this, but for those that do travel like this, it is a real issue).
  • Pray for my family as I am away from them, that they would be cared for and safe.

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