Friday, February 22, 2013

Advance13 Conference

I have been to many different conferences throughout the years. The conference I have attended the most is the Shepherds Conference. My life has been changed because of the numerous times I have spent at Grace Community Church. I have been to Together For The Gospel two times. This past year was the best conference I have ever attended. I have been to conferences at Moody Bible Institute and other various smaller church related conferences. I have also been to the Basics Conference a few times (I hope to post more on this conference later today).

As I looked at all the conferences out there and the ones that I want to attend, I was drawn to the Advance13 Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina for this year. There are several reasons why.

1. The Speakers
I love to go somewhere to listen to men who preach God's Word. A few of the preachers that have had the most influence upon my life will be at this conference. John Piper motivates me to be passionate with my relationship with God. Matt Chandler is the preacher I listen to the most these days. I really appreciate his insights into the churched world. And recently, David Platt has rocked my world. I cannot wait to sit under their teaching ministries at this conference.

But beyond those that I love to listen to, there are a few that I have never been engaged with and would like to hear preach. I have heard some good things about J.D. Greear, but really am not that familiar with his ministry. Tyler Jones is a familiar name, but I know nothing about him. And as for Bryan Loritts, his father's preaching ministry has had a tremendous impact upon my life.

2. The Topic
The theme of this conference is "building a faithful and effective church." As you can tell from the video, they chose this topic because of the growing tension between being faithful and effective. Some people believe that faithfulness is all that matters, even if there is no impact for the Kingdom of God. Others will change or do anything to make sure there is an impact of effectiveness. But they often do it outside of being faithful to what God has called them to do. But how can you be faithful and effective? I look forward to hearing what they have to say.

3. The Location
This is a distant third compared to the first two, but the conference is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is a place of the country I have never been. But it is a place of the country that is within a few hours of some family (which means a few nights of free housing and hopefully some good food). I also hope it is going to be warm.

There is still time to register if you want. The last minute registration fee is only $147, which is still a good price for a conference like this. Come on out. Anyone else going to this conference? I will be blogging about it while I am there, so comment and maybe we can meet up.

If you are not going to this conference, where are you going to? What is your favorite conference to attend?

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  1. And @Greg Langley is buying you a meal.


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