Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Don't Subtract; Add Something For LENT This Year.

I have never really been a big proponent of celebrating Lent. I understand that it is the 40-days before Easter, but it carries with it so many Catholic overtones that I have often just let it be. It seems to me that giving up something because you are told to do so seems disingenuous. I am sure there are thousands of people that take it as a serious time, but it just seems odd to give up chocolate because you are told you have to give up something during this time of the year (or as my friends would do, watermelon, since it was out of season). 

Maybe the solution is not to give something up this year. Maybe, starting tomorrow, you can add something. What about adding strategic Bible reading to your daily schedule. I hope you already read the Bible, but what if you were to take the next 40 days and strategically purpose to read the Bible. Each day.

The last couple of days, I have read of many different plans for reading the Bible over the coming weeks. After some consideration, I am going to take the days leading up to Easter to read the New Testament. Would you consider joining me? The plan I will be using is posted below (download it HERE). I am hoping that some of my online friends will join with me and interact with me as we read the Scriptures together.

Every Sunday leading up to Easter, I will take the opportunity to share some of my thoughts from the previous weeks reading. If you are so moved, I hope you would comment as well. I would love to know what God is doing in your heart as you read His word. 

It starts tomorrow. Happy reading! And may the Lord shape us as we engage His Word in a purposeful way! 

Scripture Reading
Wednesday, February 13th
Matthew 1–7
Thursday, February 14th
Matthew 8–12
Friday, February 15th
Matthew 13–18
Saturday, February 16th
Matthew 19–24

Monday, February 18th
Matthew 25–28
Tuesday, February 19th
Mark 1–6
Wednesday, February 20th
Mark 7–11
Thursday, February 21st
Mark 12–16
Friday, February 22nd
Luke 1–4
Saturday, February 23rd
Luke 5–9

Monday, February 25th
Luke 10–13
Tuesday, February 26th
Luke 14–19
Wednesday, February 27th
Luke 20–24
Thursday, February 28th
John 1–5
Friday, March 1st
John 6–9
Saturday, March 2nd
John 10–14

Monday, March 4th
John 15–19
Tuesday, March 5th
John 20—Acts 4
Wednesday, March 6th
Acts 5–9
Thursday, March 7th
Acts 10–15
Friday, March 8th
Acts 16–20
Saturday, March 9th
Acts 21–26

Monday, March 11th
Acts 27—Romans 4
Tuesday, March 12th
Romans 5–10
Wednesday, March 13th
Romans 11–16
Thursday, March 14th
1 Corinthians 1–8
Friday, March 15th
1 Corinthians 9–16
Saturday, March 16th
2 Corinthians 1–9

Monday, March 18th
2 Corinthians 10—Galatians
Tuesday, March 19th
Ephesians—Philippians 2
Wednesday, March 20th
Philippians 3—1 Thessalonians 2
Thursday, March 21st
1 Thessalonians 3—1 Timothy 5
Friday, March 22nd
1 Timothy 6—Hebrews 1
Saturday, March 23rd
Hebrews 2–10

Monday, March 25th
Hebrews 11—James 5
Tuesday, March 26th
1 Peter 1—2 Peter 3
Wednesday, March 27th
1 John—Jude
Thursday, March 28th
Revelation 1–7
Friday, March 29th
Revelation 8–15
Saturday, March 30th
Revelation 16–22

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