Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Ministry of Sareth Duong

I shared last week about a new friend, Sareth Duong. He is the national leader for Cadence International in the country of Cambodia. He loves his people. He loves the military in his country. And he loves to share the gospel with them. He is truly a good brother in Christ. Today, I have three videos to share with you that tells his life story and ministry.

There are two main reasons why I am showing these videos. First, I am trying to introduce my church and others that read this blog to the ministry of this man. He inspired me while I had the chance to spend time with him. I want you to pray for him as he gets so many opportunities that we would only wish we had. But the second reason is that I am praying that by this information, we might be able to raise him some more monthly support. The last video today shares his current needs. Please watch all of them before you watch that last one. But please get to that last video. Onto the videos . . .

In this 3rd video, Sareth shares why he is involved in military ministry. He shares how God has changed his heart from hating the military to loving them. It truly is a great story.

This 4th video might be my favorite yet. This is his account of how God used a prison sentence to open up doors for ministry. He told me that they had been praying for open doors to expand their ministry in the nation of Cambodia. He just never thought it would happen by him spending 31 days in a 12' x 12' prison cell with 24 other men. If you like the story of Joseph or Daniel, you will want to watch this video.

This last video shares his current needs. Because of all the opportunities he has to share with the military all over the nation of Cambodia, he really needs more gas money. He is asking for about $400 a month in extra support. In addition, at some point, he is going to need to trade his truck in for a smaller car. He estimates that is going to cost about $10,000. Originally, the larger truck was needed because the infrastructure of Cambodia made travel impossible with a car. But now the country has built enough roads that a car is feasible (and less expensive to operate).

If the Lord is moving in your heart to help Sareth with some monthly support, please send me an email and I would love to get you in contact with the appropriate people. You can reach me HERE. Thank you for considering helping this man reach the military of Cambodia.

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