Sunday, March 17, 2013

40-Day Lent Bible Reading Plan (March 17th)

Over a month ago, I made the decision to read through the New Testament during the season leading up to Easter. It has been a good decision, and I hope many of you who are doing it with me are still tracking along. Throughout this journey, I have found myself get behind a day here or there, but then I have been able to catch up the next day. This past week, I read Acts 27 through 2 Corinthians 9.

Much of the material I read this week was very doctrinal. It was a very different style of material from the previous several weeks (gospels and acts). Romans and 1 & 2  Corinthians are weighty. But amidst all the weight, there was one thought that I would like to investigate further in the future when I have some time.

As I read through the book of Acts, Paul's heart was revealed that he wanted to go visit Rome. But for some reason, he was not allowed to go there until the very end of the book. The book of Romans was written during his third missionary journey from Corinth. It was a fruitful time of his life. He was the great missionary church planter. He would visit a city, preach the gospel, and help plant a church before moving onto the next one. With this model, he wasn't content without getting to Rome.

Because he was denied going there, I wonder if the book of Romans actually reads like a manual for what he might have said, had he gone to plant a church there. Maybe this book, which was written by the heart of the missionary apostle, is really a template of what he said when he went from city to city planting churches. Could it have been that he started with the nature of sin? Then he went to the nature of justification by faith alone, apart from works. Then he went to talk about sanctification and holiness issues. And then he continued to talk about God's plan for the Jewish people through the subject of election. And maybe he closed out talking about some basic activities for the church.

I don't know, but it is something I would like to ponder more on. What about you? Anything stand out to you this past week in your Bible reading?

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