Thursday, March 14, 2013

Do You Want To Learn Church History?

When I entered seminary, I was forced to choose an emphasis for my MDiv program. I chose church history. I love reading and studying about those that have run the race before our time. I am often enthralled with the way God has used different people at different times in the history of the church. And I am often stunned how bad people in the church acted in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Even though I went through with a church history emphasis, I would not classify myself as a church historian. Not even close. I have so much left to learn. That is why I was really excited to hear that Tim Challies was starting a series on his blog called "The History of Christianity in 25 Objects." He explains the purpose of this series in this way.
"Though so much of Christian history has passed away, though so many of its people and objects have been lost to time, a few precious relics remain. When we look at these objects with careful eye, when we consider them in their context, we see in them the history of the Christian faith. In this new series of articles I have chosen twenty-five of these objects and through them wish to explore the history of the is faith we hold so dear, the history of what God is accomplishing in this world, whether through princes or peasants, whether through triumph or trial. 
Each of these objects offers us a tangible link between the present and the past, between the Christians of the twenty-first century and the Christians who lived and died in centuries past. In a few cases these objects are hidden away or in private collections, but more commonly they are there for all who wish to see them. We can travel to museums and galleries, look at these objects, and see in them a link to history--our history. This, then is the history of Christianity in twenty-five objects."
I would encourage you to read the rest of his Introduction Post

Today, he has posted the first of the objects in this series: A Statue of Augustus of Prima Porta.

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