Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Random Questions I Ask My Soul

I often find myself asking questions of myself. I know that might sound strange to you. I think it is a good task to do from time to time (as long as I don't audibly answer myself). The questions I find myself asking of myself are simply to help me reflect upon my heart before God. As I read many of the old Puritans, they would often ask questions of their soul. I like that. They asked questions of their real self. 

As I was sitting in my office this morning, I just went through several questions for my soul. I did not have good answers for all of them. But they were things that made me stop and think. Some are fairly random, but I thought I would share them today. If you want, ask them of your soul.

  1. What did I learn in my Bible reading this morning?
  2. Did I just read it because I was supposed to read it or because I was truly seeking God?
  3. Why is it that often when I read the Scriptures, it seems like a bunch of words and not coherent thoughts?
  4. Why does my mind wander to so many things when I read the Bible or spend time in prayer?
  5. Why is prayer so difficult at some times and easy at other times?
  6. What does that say about my heart before God? 
  7. Do I just seek Him when I'm desperate?
  8. Why am I not desperate for Him all the time?
  9. And why is my mind continually going back to a basketball game that my team lost last night instead of my God who never loses? Ever.
  10. What will today hold for me?
  11. What situations does God have for me today where I might be able to influence someone for Christ?
  12. When that situation arises, will I take it or coward away from it?
  13. Why am I ever ashamed to speak up for Jesus?
  14. How can I teach my children to be evangelistic if I am not?
  15. Will I be sensitive today to do all things to the glory of God?
The questions just keep on coming . . .

What do you ask of your soul?

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