Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Christian Response to Jason Collins

In case you were not aware, the sports world was in a buzz yesterday when Jason Collins came out to admit that he is gay. The reason this is big news is that Collins is the first active sports athlete in the major sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL) to come out and admit his sexual preference. ESPN interviewed many people, but among them was Chris Broussard. He is a NBA analyst, but also a Christian. The entire interview is really interesting, but the heated part of the discussion starts about the 9:00 minute mark. Broussard's response to Collins admission to being gay and a Christian was spot on and very helpful. Christian's should learn from him, but also pray for him. I have a feeling that things could get really tough for Broussard in the coming weeks.

If you want some commentary on this story, Denny Burk has written some helpful thoughts on this story.


  1. I have been having an email conversation with a self-described "gay bisexual polymonogamous Chrisian" man who wrote an article on a LGBT about wanting acceptance, not tolerance, from the evangeical church. I'm tryin to understand where that viewpoint comes from and what it is based on.

    My conclusion is that, at it's core, that viewpoint flows from a mindset that rejects scriptural auhority and attempts to conform the book to their worldview rather than the other way around.

    Chris Broussard is a brave man. Christians who are biblicists have the challenge of loving these folks while telling them the truth - essentially being Christ-like by being full of grace and truth. Generally, we fail. The love the sinner/hate the sin approach has clearly failed. LGBT so define themselves by their sexuality that if that sexuality is condemned, they take it as personl condemnation. If love is expressed, it is either called hate or is rejected because it is not acceptance.

    The evangelical church is losing this battle. A new paradigm is needed. My gut tells me that we should stop fighting external battles and fix our own house, especially in the area of marriage and family.

    1. Some good thoughts. I was really glad when Broussard said that any sex outside of marriage is sinful, not just homosexuality. That is one place to start. Anything other than God's standard is against Him.


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