Saturday, April 13, 2013

This Week in the Blogosphere (April 13, 2013)

It has been almost a month since I have given a weekend wrap-up of some of the blogs or news stories I have read during the week. This week was too good to pass up. I am amazed each week as to the creativity and clarity of so many writers. I hope you take the time to read a few of these stories. They have impacted me in one way or another. I believe they will impact you as well. What was the favorite thing you read this past week? Any contributions to leave in the comment section?

Much has been said this past week about abortion and the horrific crimes of Gosnell. Because of that, this article is important to read. And it might be a bit too personal.

This is a very helpful round-up of many articles and links to books that deal with the subject of mental illness. This was thrust upon us last week when Rick Warren's son took his own life. You might want to bookmark this page.

Armstrong blogged his way through The Gospel Coalition Conference in Orlando this past week. He took the notes from the pre-conference and put them together in a free eBook. Check it out. You may also want to check out the rest of the conference sessions he blogged about. Good stuff.

Do you have a kindle? Do you like it? Are you looking for some good books at a decent price? Challies has brought some organization to help you towards that goal.

My friend finally finished his review of the "The Bible". I agree with his assessment. It was better than anticipated, but still left a lot to be desired. 

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