Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Puritans on Excess

The past several months, I have enjoyed reading through parts of A Puritan Golden Treasury, a collection of Puritan quotes. The thoughts these men had are deep and profound. Add to this that the past several weeks, I have tried to watch what I'm eating (some people call this a diet). And so when I came across the section on "Excess" I was intrigued. Here are some Puritan thoughts on Excess. I'm sure we can all learn from this in some way or another.
"Excess in meat and drink clouds the mind, chokes good affections, and provokes lust. Many a man digs his own grave with his teeth." (Thomas Manton) 
"More are hurt by lawful things than unlawful, as more are killed with wine than poison. Gross sins affright, but how many take a surfeit and die, in using lawful things inordinately. Recreation is lawful, eating and drinking are lawful, but many offend by excess, and their table is a snare. Relations are lawful, but how often does Satan tempt to overlove! How often is the wife and child laid in God's room! Excess makes things lawful become sinful." (Thomas Watson) 
"The physician saith, nothing better for the body than abstinence; the divine saith, nothing better for the soul than abstinence; the lawyer saith, nothing better for the wits than abstinence; but because there is no law for this vice, therefore it breaketh out so mightily. Whoredom hath a law, theft hath a law, murder hath a law, but this sin is without a law." (Henry Smith) 
"Simplicity is the ordinary attendant of sincerity." (Richard Baxter)

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