Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Puritans on Idleness

I often think of how productive I am in the office as a pastor. But I am even more concerned at times at how productive I am as a Christian. Am I working as a servant of Christ Jesus to His glory or wasting my time on this earth with the things of the world? As I think of that, I came across a few quotes on idleness from A Puritan Golden Treasury that helped convict me of why I need to stay busy for the cause of Christ. I hope they might help you as well.
"Ah, doubting Christians! Remember this, that the promise of assurance and comfort is made over, not to lazy but laborious Christians; not to idle but to active Christians; not to negligent but to diligent Christians....The lazy Christian hath his mouth full of complaints, when the active Christian hath his heart full of comforts." (Thomas Brooks) 
"Idleness tempts the devil to tempt." (Thomas Watson) 
"O spend your time as you would hear of it in the Judgement!" (Richard Baxter)

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