Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Puritans on Parenting

The past several weeks, I have been sharing some thoughts from different Puritans on different topics. Most of the quotes I have shared have been coming from A Puritan's Golden Treasury. I have shared some thoughts on Unity, Idleness, and Excess

Since summer is upon us and for many people, the children will be spending much more time at home with their parents, I thought it would be helpful to share a few thoughts about Parenting from the heart of the Puritans. But I warn you, these are tough to hear; harder to follow.
"If parents would have their children blessed at church and at school, let them beware they give their children no corrupt examples at home by any carelessness, profaneness, or ungodliness. Otherwise, parents will do them more harm at home than both pastors and schoolmasters can do them good abroad. For the corrupt example of the one fighteth with the good instruction of the other, which is so much the more dangerous because that corrupt walking is armed with nature, and therefore more forcibly inclineth the affections of the children to that side." (Richard Greenham) 
"As for those parents who will not use the rod upon their children, I pray God He useth not their children as a rod for them." (Thomas Fuller) 
"If you neglect to instruct them in the way of holiness, will the devil neglect to instruct them in the way of wickedness? No; if you will not teach them to pray, he will to curse, swear, and lie; if ground be uncultivated, weeds will spring." (John Flavel)
Parents, let us use our time wisely this summer with our children. Let us set the standard for them well. Let us shepherd them well. Let us use our time to point them and instruct them in the ways of God.

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