Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Supreme Court Decision on DOMA

If you happened to have been buried under a rock yesterday, you might have missed that the Supreme Court ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This major victory for gay-rights advocates means that same-sex partners can now be eligible for federal benefits from the government (plus a whole host of other issues). This is really not a surprise. I would be shocked to hear of many Christians who did not see this coming. 

In light of this ruling, I decided to check out what some other people are saying on the issue. Here are a few articles that have impacted me. Check them out.

This is a helpful piece from World Magazine on the specifics of what this ruling might just bring to the Christian in our nation. He makes the obvious statement: "Churches and schools . . . should immediately start planning for the time they'll either have to give up those connections or give up the Bible. Pastors and teachers who say anything negative about homosexuality should think through how they'll react if hauled into court."

A Sweeing Decision in the DOMA Case by Denny Burk
Burk seems to think that this "decision on DOMA is a watershed on the order of Roe v. Wade. It will have religious liberty implications that I'm guessing most folks have not even begun to ponder."

2 Lies Behind the Prop 8 Challenge by Jesse Johnson
This is a very good article showing the history of Proposition 8 in the state of California that has led us to the DOMA case.

Why Gay Marriage is Good (and Bad) for the Church by Trevin Wax
I am guessing that many will not like the title of this blog post, but you should still go on over and read it. He says, "The absence of a marriage culture will make biblical marriage stand out all the more. We'll be ordinary oddballs. So let's not waste the opportunity."

"Waiting for the Other Shoe"--The Supreme Court Rules on Same-Sex Marriage by Albert Mohler
I often say that when it comes to cultural issues thought through a biblical lens, there is no one I appreciate more than Mohler. He says, "The Christian church does not ask the U. S. Supreme Court, or any other human court, what marriage is. Marriage is a pre-political institution defined by our Creator--for His glory and for human flourishing. Today's decisions will create serious religious liberty challenges for all churches, Christian institutions, and Christian citizens in this nation. But the greatest impact of these decisions is the further marginalization and subversion of marriage. The destruction of marriage did not start recently, and it did not start with same-sex marriage, but its effects will be devastating."

Marriage and the Future of Religious Liberty by Russell Moore
I really appreciate what Moore has to say here. He says that the "real problem with gay marriage is that the nature of the marriage union is inherently entwined in the future of the first line of the Bill of Rights: our right to religious liberty."

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