Friday, June 28, 2013

What does it mean to Glorify God?

My wife and I are slowing reading together No Ordinary Marriage by Tim Savage. I am sure in due time, I will post a longer review of this book that I am really starting to enjoy. But there was one part of the book, towards the beginning, that was so good I needed to share it. Savage seeks to identify what it means that we are called to glorify God in our marriage. It almost seems like a cliche, doesn't it? You can or should glorify God in your marriage. 

Let's be honest. We tend to say this all the time in almost every aspect of our life. I tell my kids to play their sports to the glory of God. We are told to eat or drink to the glory of God. So, what does that mean? His words, although directed at marriage, help create a picture of what that phrase really means. 
"From the unspeakable riches of equality with God to the most impoverished death in antiquity, from heights unsearchable to depths unimaginable, from one polar extreme to another--this is the measure of the self-emptying of Jesus Christ. His death on a cross is history's most perfect expression of sacrificial love. And according to Paul, it is also the clearest revelation of what it means to be in the likeness of God. In Jesus, we see an image of the heavenly Father. On the cross, we behold a picture of infinite love. 
We began with a simple question: What does it mean to glorify God? Many answers are suggested in the Bible. We glorify God when we praise Him, when we delight in him, when we obey him. But we have seen there is a more dramatic answer: we glorify God when we produce a likeness of who he is. We now know what that likeness entails. More than any other person in history, Jesus presented a picture of God, and nowhere more clearly than in the event which crowned his earthly existence--his death on a cross. It was on that brutal and ignominious tree that we see the splendor of God's glory. Pointing to the cross, Jesus cried out: 'That hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified" (John 12:23). 
Here is the monumental truth. The glory of God receives its fullest expression in the self-emptying love of the crucified Christ." (34)
What does this mean for your life? It should mean that for you to glorify God today, you are to empty yourself and pour out your love. It means that today should not be about you. If you are married, you can pour out your love towards your spouse. It might mean that glorifying God is self-emptying yourself towards your brother or sister. It might mean that you empty yourself of the glory and self-promotion at your office.

How Can You Apply This To Your Situation Today?

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