Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ministry Quiz #8: Evangelism

I am returning to the office today from about a week and a half of vacation. During my vacation, I tried to post questions on the blog that have to do with the Christian life and ministry. My purpose in these questions was to try to have you evaluate your heart as to how you are doing in your Christian life and ministry to others. The seven topics I have covered so far are Love, Sin, Attitude, Relationships, Truth, Holiness, and Joy. This last question has to do with evangelism.

Evangelism is the Christian term for sharing the gospel with people who do not believe in Jesus. It is making the gospel message vocal. It is telling and explaining the truth of Jesus to those that do not know who He is. But this question I have today has more to do with our attitude than it does with what we are doing. Here's the question:

Do I Have A Burden For The Lost?

I am not asking if you have shared the gospel with someone recently. What I am trying to ask is whether you have a burden for lost people. Do you look at lost people and say, "My heart breaks for you; my soul is in anguish because of your lack of repentance?" Are you hurting inside because of your friends that do not know Jesus? Are you afraid that if they died tonight, they would spend eternity away from Christ? Do you have compassion on the lost the way Jesus did? Do you pray for your lost friends? I mean, really pray for them?

Are you more concerned today for lost people than you were a year ago? When something happens in your life and you become excited about sharing the gospel, does it stick? Or is it just a passing fad? It is my prayer for my life that my heart gets more sensitive as the years go by, not more complacent. I hope your prayer request is the same.

So, how did you do? Eight topics; Eight questions. I hope they were helpful for you to evaluate your heart of ministry in your Christian life. 

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  1. Hi Thad,
    That is an excellent article, thank you. My friends and I have also been getting "a burden for lost people". But we found it hard and scary. We started using the Share Your Faith app and that made it a lot easier. It shouldn't be scary to share our faith. And like you said, my prayer is also "my heart gets more sensitive as the years to by, not more complacent". Thank you!
    Richard Cruz


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