Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Marks of a Faithful & Effective Church by J. D. Greear

We are on vacation in North Carolina this week. Whenever we are on vacation, I try to find a place for our family to go worship at a different church. Since we are driving from Winston-Salem to Carolina Beach today, I knew we would pass somewhat close to Raleigh-Durham. And so I wanted to take the opportunity to visit Summit Church, where J. D. Greear is the Lead Pastor.

My first interaction with Greear was at the Advance Conference that took place in his city back in March. I was impacted by his message at that conference in a number of ways. As we visit their church today, I am hoping that he will be there. I have looked around on their website hoping to find out if he will be preaching this morning or not, but even if he is not, it will be good to worship with their church family this morning. 

I have posted the video of his message from the Advance Conference. If you are a pastor or ministry leader, I really hope you will watch this sermon. If you are someone that attends a church, I hope you would take the time to watch it as well, as this message speaks to the marching orders of all Christians.

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