Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bible Reading Plan (September)

Over the years, I have successfully and unsuccessfully used many different Bible reading plans. I have read through the Bible in a year. I have read through the Bible in 90 days (which I found to be easier than the year plan and I hope to do it again soon). I have taken a few months and simply read a Proverb and a few Psalms a day. There are literally dozens of effective Bible reading plans out there that are designed to help a person read the Word of God. But the one that I tend to come back to often and the one that I tend to suggest to first time Bible readers is simply to pick a portion of the Bible and read it every day for a month. Yes, it is to read the same thing about 30 straight times. The idea behind this plan is to help someone dig deep into a certain portion of the Bible.

Before my senior year of high school was when the Lord really grabbed hold of my heart. It was that summer that I began to have a hunger to read and study God's Word. It was then that someone challenged me to begin with the book of Philippians and read it through everyday for a month. I did it. I loved it. Then I moved on to the book of Colossians and did it for a month. And then I picked the gospel of John and read the first five chapters everyday for a month and kept going.

I realize that on the surface, it seems very repetitive. It seems like it would become boring because you have read it 20 days in a row. But the Bible is inexhaustible. There are things that you will learn each day. When this plan is committed to with prayer, I believe a person will be surprised at how God will open their eyes to understand a depth of His Word they previously believed was not possible.

I want to get back to this plan.

I know that my life tends to operate more efficiently when I am on a tighter schedule. I am more productive. And while I spend lots of time each day in the Word of God, I tend to grow at slower paces when I am not working on a reading plan. That is just how I operate. And so for the month of September I am going to pick a book of the Bible and read it everyday for a month. For many reasons, I have wanted to study in a bit more depth the book of James. That's my selection.

Will you join me?

Every Friday this month I plan on posting some thoughts of what God is doing in my heart based upon my reading of His Word. I'd sure love to hear from you as well. I'd love to hear what God is doing through your reading. I'd love to engage you as you study His Word. If you are not on a reading plan, let me encourage you to pick a book of the Bible and do the same thing and then come on by and post some thoughts each Friday.

My goal is that God would open my eyes to understand His truth in deeper ways so that I might be able to relate more Christlike to those around me.

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  1. Hello, Thad! Thank you for your post, and for sharing your thoughts and experience about Bible reading! I woke up this morning and thought I wanted to read as much of the bible as I can, as quickly as I can. But I also want to go deep into God's Word. I found your idea here, and will pray about doing this reading the same book or passage over and over again. I did this with Psalms a number of years ago. I read 5 psalms a day, completely through the book, then did it again the following month. I did this for 10 months, and I think God literally kept me afloat through one of the most difficult times of my life. I also like what you said about it being easier to read through the bible in 90 days, than in a year. I can see how that would be easier. Maybe I'll do the entire bible in 90 days, and afterwards try the portion a day repeatedly idea!! Thanks for sharing. I liked your post. You sound like a kind and loving man. I live in Colorado, but if I'm ever passing through your city, perhaps will visit. Blessings.


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