Monday, August 5, 2013

The Morning After: Our All-Knowing God (Psalm 139)

God knows everything about everything!

That was the main thought that I tried to drive home from Psalm 139 on Sunday. In theology, this is called Omniscience, meaning God is all-knowing. He doesn't have to think or calculate, He just knows. On some levels, that can make someone not relatable. But David's argument in this well-known Psalm is that this big, all-knowing God is relationally connected with those that He knows. God knows everything about everything in my life and is very personally involved in my life. 

There are three reasons David gives to prove his point that God knows everything about everything.

First, He Sees Everything (vs. 1-6)
There is no place where anyone can run to get away from the all-seeing eye of God. He sees everything. He can even see into the mind, reading the thoughts of men. Because of this, He is acquainted with everything we do. He knows us better than the FBI knows us. He knows us more intimately than anyone else in this life. He knows more about our Google searches than Google does. As the author of Hebrews makes clear, there is no creature that is hidden from God's sight (4:13).

Based upon this fact, there could be many reactions. The most probably reaction is that people could try to run from the eye of God. They are scared that He can see everything, so they try to get to a place where they are alone. This leads to David's second reasons why God knows everything about everything. 

Second, He Is Everywhere (vs. 7-12)
With God, there is no privacy. We may try to run from His presence, only to find out that where we run to, He is already there. There is no plane that can take us high enough to get away from His presence. We cannot dig a hole deep enough to get out of his presence. There is no horizon we can cross to get away from Him. There is no ocean deep enough to run. And finally, there is no darkness that is too dark for God to see. There is no cave to hide in that will allow you to escape the eye of God.

Third, He Is Involved With Every Detail of Our Creation (vs. 13-16)
God knows everything about us because He is a very detailed Creator. David illustrates the fact that God is everywhere by showing how God is in the secret place of the womb, intricately forming the inward parts of the baby. I am fairly sure when David wrote this, he had no conception of abortion. But I'm also aware than it is impossible for us to read this section without thinking of this horror. God is involved in the details of the creation of the baby from the moment of conception. That is the biblical evidence.

God's great knowledge of all things should elicit a response. It did from David. In the final verses, David asks God to do painful surgery in his life. Based upon the fact that he knows God knows, he welcomes God to exercise His all-knowing eye upon his life. Many people want to hide from God's presence, but David is welcoming it. 

God knows everything about everything. That's the point of this text. If you want to listen to the message or read my notes, you can find it HERE.

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