Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Worship Focus: At Your Name by Phil Wickham & Tim Hughes

I love music. There is hardly a time in my office where I do not have music playing. I even fall asleep at night with music playing. For some reason, God often uses music to stir my affections for Him. Over the years on this blog, I have posted some of my favorite worship songs. A few weeks ago, I decided to take a next step and explain why these particular songs stir me to worship. So far, I have shared my thoughts about two songs:
Today, I want to share a song that I have posted before, but this time I want to explain why I love this song so much. Here are the words to At Your Name by Phil Wickham and Tim Hughes.

At Your name, the mountains shake and crumble;
At Your name, the oceans roar and tumble;
At Your name, Angles will bow
The earth will rejoice, Your people cry out

Lord of all the earth, we shout Your name, shout Your name;
Filling up the skies with endless praise, endless praise;
Yahweh, Yahweh, we love to shout Your name, Oh Lord.

At Your name, the morning breaks in glory;
At Your name, creation sings Your story;
At Your name, angels will bow
The earth will rejoice, Your people cry out.

This is one of those songs that is directional in nature. What I mean is that it is a song that is sung to God, not just about Him. It is second person, directed at God. When I sing it, I am reminded of the relationship I am in with Him. There is such a special privilege to sing and shout the name of my God, the name that shakes mountains and moves oceans. And ultimately, I know that it is at the name of Jesus that all people will bow their knee (Phil 2). 

The tune is easy to sing, but the words impact me deeply. I love to shout the name of my Lord!

Since I have posted Phil Wickham's video before, I wanted to post a video of Tim Hughes talking about this song and then singing it.

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