Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Spurgeon on "Gnashing of Teeth"

A few weeks ago I preached a sermon on the Terrible Judgment parables. At the end of time, God will separate the righteous from the wicked and the wicked will be sent to a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth (Parable of Weeds & Net in Matthew 13). It was heartbreaking to think about the eternal destiny of those that do not know Jesus Christ.

While I was studying, I came across a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon called Heaven and Hell. In this sermon, Spurgeon articulates, as only he does, one aspect of what he forsees it means that there will be gnashing of teeth. This is painful to read.
"What is it that the lost are doing? They are "weeping and gnashing their teeth." Do you gnash you teeth now? You would not do it except you were in pain and agony. Well, in hell there is always gnashing of teeth. And do you know why? There is one gnashing his teeth at his companion, and mutters, "I was led into hell by you; you led me astray, you taught me to drink the first time." And the other gnashes his teeth and says, "What if I did? You made me worse than I should have been in after times." There is a child who looks at her mother, and says, "Mother, you trained me up to vice." And the mother gnashes her teeth again at the child, and says, "I have no pity for you, for you excelled me in it, and led me into deeper sin." Fathers gnash their teeth at their sons, and sons at their fathers. And, methinks, if there are any who will have to gnash their teeth more than others, it will be seducers, when they see those whom they have led from the paths of virtue, and hear them saying, "Ah! we are glad you are in hell with us, you deserve it, for you led us here." Have any of you, to-night, upon your consciences the fact that you have led others to the pit? O, may sovereign grace forgive you. "We have gone astray like lost sheep," said David. Now a lost sheep never goes astray alone, if it is one of a flock. I lately read of a sheep that leaped over the parapet of a bridge, and was followed by every one of the flock. So, if one man goes astray, he leads others with him. Some of you will have to account for others' sins when you get to hell, as well as your own. Oh, what "weeping and gnashing of teeth" there will be in that pit!"
May thoughts like this move us to share the gospel with more people. May we not be comfortable in our life when those around us are destined for an eternity apart from Christ.

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