Monday, November 25, 2013

The Care & Maintenance of Your Preachers by Dr. Jack Hughes

The church I used to minister in while in Kansas, Grace Bible Church, was blessed to have a difficult word preached to them last Sunday by Dr. Jack Hughes. He preached two messages on a topic he claims he has heard very little preached on in the past: The Care and Maintenance of Your Preacher. 

His thought rings true. Not many preachers take time to preach on how people should treat them. And for good reason. Most truly gospel centered preaches are very leery of giving any thought to people that they are in it for the money or support. And because of that, they avoid the topic. The unfortunate result is that many people do not understand their calling to support those that labor at preaching and teaching. 

In these two sermons, Hughes gives 11 thoughts to the people of a church on how they are to care for their preachers. If you have every wondered what your responsibilities are to your preachers, I would encourage you to listen to these two sermons.

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