Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Difference A Day Can Make

"If you don't like the weather, just wait 24 hours and it will change." I am sure you have heard this statement before. It is likely you have said it. It is a statement I have heard people say in every state I have lived. Everyone seems to think they live in the state with the most rapid climate changes. In reality, maybe just about everyone experiences this. Well, the past two days in Ohio has been a living example of this statement.

This picture above was taken Monday morning at 7am when I was getting ready to take my son to school (sorry for the grainy picture, I took it through my front window and the screen). As the sun began to rise through the empty trees, it gave a glow that radiated the skyline. Trust me, this picture does not do justice. As Spurgeon said, the sun really is God's traveling preacher. It was incredible!

But things were different this morning, just 24 hours later. During the night, the temperature dropped, a band of snow off of Lake Erie rolled in and we received a few inches of wet snow.

The result of this snow was a beautiful example of God's handiwork as it stuck to the branches of those empty trees. We get a lot of snow up here in NE Ohio, but when it is like this, it is beautiful. As I looked out of the window this morning, it looked like a canvas had been painted by an incredible artist. Of course it was. God's creation is amazing!

What's the point? As I was driving to work this morning, I couldn't help but think about the difference a day can make. It can go from sunny to snowy in 24 hours. It might go back for us in the next 24 hours. Things can change quickly in life. But let's just ponder for a second how things can change for the better for you today. 

You may have had the worst day yesterday and things could be better today. You may have struggled with that sin again yesterday, but His grace is new again this morning. You may have hurt and offended someone yesterday, but it can be forgiven and reconciled today. No matter what happened yesterday, today can be different. 

Today can be a day for the Lord. It can be a day of change. It can be a day set aside for the Lord. I challenge you to take this simply physical example the Lord gives to us as a reminder that what once was can be changed. And you don't even need to wait 24 hours. 


  1. I wish you had a "like" button on you blog like Facebook does. Sometimes I read something and I just really liked it, but I don't have anything to say. Today is one of those days.

    1. I am working towards a new design for the blog, hopefully by the first of the year. Thanks for the encouragement. There is the share buttons above, please share :)


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