Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Diagnostic Questions for Our Greed Problem

I shared yesterday about the problem of greed in our society today. I am sure this is not news to you. But maybe you are like me. It is way easier to look out at the problem of greed in our culture with disgust while avoiding the penetrating look at my own heart and my own greed issues. I may be more civil and not look like the mad rush of people on Black Friday. But that doesn't mean I don't struggle with the "Just One More" mentality. I do. And I would bet you do as well.

But how can we know how big of a deal this is in our life? As I was reading and studying last week, I came up with several diagnostic questions that helped me (some of these questions were inspired by this blog post). Maybe they will help you as well. I think if we were to ask ourselves these questions with a searching heart, we might be surprised at what we discover about the depth of our greed problem.
  • Will this activity, thing, or pursuit move my heart closer to or further away from Jesus?
  • Will this activity, things, or pursuit deceive me into an obsession with the temporal instead of the eternal?
  • Will this activity, thing, or pursuit help or hurt my relationship with other Christians and my church?
  • Am I open to discussing this activity, thing, or pursuit with others before doing it?
  • What is my motivation in wanting this activity, thing, or pursuit?
  • Will this activity, thing, or pursuit usurp the authority of Jesus in my life?
  • Can I discern whether this activity, thing, or pursuit is a want or a need?
  • What would happen if I didn't do this activity, buy this thing, or engage in this pursuit?

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